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Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp

German Angora.jpg

Belle Vie Farm is Chapel Hill's newest farm located an easy two miles from Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. Our camps focus on ages 3-5 and 6-11, and offer more than 100 PlayShops throughout the summer for kids to play and exploreBelle Vie is a fiber farm and is home to Pygora Goats (pygmy angoras) Guinevere and Wildflower. We hope to begin breeding Spring 2023, but learning to farm is a slow process. Crossing our fingers that we will be prepared for baby goats! We also have donkeys, chickens, bunnies and fainting goats.

Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp is a bit different from other farm camps. We keep things small and cozy. Our camps for the 3-5 age group are capped at 14 campers and for the 6-9 age group at 12 campers.  Campers will gem mine at our hand-constructed Belle Vie Mine nestled into a cozy cave-like opening in a corner of our forests (right across the path from Swingtopia, Belle Vie's newest forest playground with every type of swing imaginable PLUS a 1925 wooden sailboat converted into a playship! We have hammocks to lounge in, with or without a great book! Hikes through our 34-acres are a weekly activity, as is time with our gentle-natured farm animals (well, Vinnie isn't a gentle-natured goat, but he sure is interesting!). Our bunnies relish every moment of attention from the campers. Our Russian tortoises have learned that children = treats, so they are willing to perform a bit for the yummies!

Homemade ice cream, delicious vegetables, fresh bread and churned butter, herbal iced tea (from our garden, of course!), refreshing cucumbers and more are some of the fare that will be available for visitors and campers. Beautiful flower arrangements crafted by campers and take-home microgreen trays are just some of the items campers might make throughout their week.

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