Want to hatch your own eggs at home...

...and send the chicks back to the farm when you're all done? 

Belle Vie Farm understands that families have lots of responsibilities to juggle. You may wish you had a way to let your children experience the magic of hatching chicks, but there is NO WAY you want to handle baby chickens! Plus, your HOA probably doesn't allow chickens in your neighborhood.

That's where we come in: we give you all of the magic and none of the stress. Belle Vie Farm is the first farm in the Triangle area to offer hatchery rental. Our hatching kits come with a 7-egg incubator, 7 fertile eggs, a candling light, a small brooder (with bedding, chick feed, a waterer and feeder, and a chick warmer), a countdown calendar just for kids, large photos of the hatching process and a handbook with everything you need to know. We deliver and set everything up in your home or classroom (within 15 miles of the farm). 


To reserve your Hatchery Kit, email Shelley at BelleVieFarmNC@gmail.com to reserve your dates (a $30 non-refundable deposit is required; $150 due two weeks before delivery of your kit). Please be sure to pick dates that work your family. We fill up quickly and don't want another family to miss out if cancel last minute.

Chicken eggs begin hatching 21 days after they are set in the incubator. Sometimes the hatching process can take up to 48 hours, which is tremendously exciting. Belle Vie Farm uses Brinsea Incubators (pictured to the right), which offer a clear cover for awesome viewing. Our incubators are fully automated -- we set it up for you in your home (or classroom), push start, and your only tasks are to add water as scheduled on the calendar, candle your eggs (if you want, it's not required) and marvel at the beauty of nature!

We provide you with a small book explaining the whole process and offer a 24/7 phone line should you need help or support.

Once the chicks are hatched, you may keep them for up to one week before they should be returned to the farm (we pick up).  

At Belle Vie Farm, we are so in love with all things chicken that we cannot wait to share the magic with others in our community! We currently rent hatching kits and will soon offer chicken/coop rental short and long term. Check back for details or subscribe to our mailing list to get notices.

The cost for a 4-week rental for everything you need is $180, which includes delivery and pick-up within 15 miles. Outside of that range, you are still welcome to rent. You'll just need to pick up and drop off the kit at our farm in Chapel Hill.

adorable baby chicken.jpg
Brinsea Incubator.jpg
Chick Warmer.jpg

Pictured above: Incubator and Warmer (not heat lamps to burn little fingers!)

Pictured below: Brooder for hatched chicks (24"x18"x17")