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Our Hens' Eggs are for Sale


Our beautiful Copper Maran rooster!

Our hens are happily laying, and we are selling eggs! 

Wondering why you should buy Belle Vie Farm eggs? Our hens are free-range during the day. Contrary to what most folks think, chickens are not vegetarians. They are omnivores! I have watched a hen down a baby snake in two seconds flat (didn't eat her eggs for a while!) and also watched a happy flock of hens decimate a plot of kale faster than I can shoo them away.

Our hens eat what they want and need.  Our hens have an eclectic diet of table scraps, black oil sunflower seeds and sometimes meal worms. They really love sunflower seeds (so do the goats, donkeys and rabbits).  They forage in the forest and sometimes eat a little Southern States feed.

Well-maintained nesting boxes in cozy spots mean our hens' eggs stay clean! Our eggs are gathered each day and placed in cartons in our egg fridge right away. We make sure our eggs are fresh and delicious!

Baby Chicks.jpg
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