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Our Eggs are for Sale


Our hens are happily laying, and we are selling eggs! 

Wondering why you should buy Belle Vie Farm eggs? Our hens are free-range during the day on pasture and in forest.

Our hens eat what they want and need. We have chickens on traditional pasture (with our goats and donkeys) and chickens in our silvopasture (forest pasture). The USDA defines silvopasture as the deliberate integration of trees and grazing livestock operations on the same land.

Belle Vie Farm, along with its next door property, has a total of 34 acres. About 20 of those acres are in forest. With a vision of preserving our area's woodland while simultaneously pursuing farming, we have chosen to integrate agroforestry into our practices. There are five types of agroforestry, and currently Belle Vie is engaging with forest farming and silvopasture.

Both properties are in the Carrboro watershed, meaning our properties are an integral part of Carrboro's drinking water quality (we use no pesticides on our crops). The USDA supports agroforestry within watersheds: within a watershed, agroforestry practices can resemble a living patchwork quilt that connects headwater forests through agricultural lands to urban areas... providing cleaner water for communities - both locally and downstream - and other public benefits.


Well-maintained nesting boxes in cozy spots mean our hens' eggs stay clean! Our eggs are gathered each day and placed in cartons. We make sure our eggs are fresh and delicious!

We are now hatching our own duck eggs and by Spring 2025 will be selling those eggs as well as our chickens' eggs.

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