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Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp Activities

Feed the donkeys, bunnies, goats, chickens and compost worms!
Mine for sparkly gemstones
Play, Climb and swing in Swingtopia
Grow some veggies
Cool down in the water spray park
Paint a giant mural
Roast marshmallows and hotdogs over the Solo Stove
Make ice cream with Belle Vie Farm Chocolate Mint
Take a hay ride around our 34-acre farm
Build a fort in the forest
Brush the donkeys
Create with Clay
Make Jewelry
Carve soapstone
Design and Create a Mural
Spend the morning in the Myrtle Bus
Hold the bunnies
Grow sunflower microgreens
Create on the giant spin-art wheel
Cook a meal
Bake Bread
Write and perform a play on the Belle Vie Forest Theater
Harvest blackberries
Make goat's milk soap
Pour beeswax candles
Make apple cider in the cider press
Create in the art studio and Artisan Hut
Run a water relay race across the pasture
Slide down the giant waterslide
Drive a Remote Control Truck
Do yoga
Make Music
Dance on the Stage
Make puppets and perform a puppet show
And much more!


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