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What Happens During a Belle Vie Camp Day?

At Belle Vie Farm, our goal is to make sure every camper finds joy, laughter and excitement throughout every day! Instead of offering themed weeks, we will offer over 100 PlayShops throughout the summer. 

What's a PlayShop, you might ask? A PlayShop is a workshop just for kids: a playful time filled with child-directed exploration, investigation, creation and fun! Some of our PlayShops are:

*Masses of Microgreens -- Microgreens are delicious and campers LOVE them. Plant a small tray of greens and take them home at the end of the camp week. They'll be ready to eat just 10 days after planting! 

*Atelier Time-- Our indoor, light-filled (and air conditioned!) art studio filled to the brim with artist-quality materials including acrylic and watercolor paints, Sharpie markers, clay, modeling beeswax, and much more!

*Piazza Pizza is our yummiest PlayShop -- campers make inspired pizzas from a morning harvest!

*Hike along the StoryWalk

*A long, lingering time in the Bunny Chalet and Belle Vie Coop hugging, feeding, watching and talking to our bunnies and chickens.

*Incubation Station is your child's one-stop PlayShop for all things baby chicks! Starting week two, a group of children takes charge of the Incubator Station. Placing eggs in the 'bator, checking the humidity daily, candling the eggs and watching them hatch are just a few of the activities at Incubation Station.

*Love Shack Caretaking -- the Belle Vie Love Shack is where newly hatched chicks go to grow up into Belle Vie hens! Caring for the chicks is a really important job and includes feeding and watering every day, adding fresh bedding to the Love Shack, singing and talking to the chicks and sliding tiny treats into their quarters!

*MakerSpace Inventions is a PlayShop that offers unlimited supplies for children to design, create and construct whatever they can imagine. PlayShop offers everything paper, wood, plastic, fabric as well as all manner of adhesives and tapes, plus kid-sized drills, hammers and screwdrivers.

*Splash Pad is Belle Vie's outdoor water PlayShop area, and we LOVE it! Tubes, pumps, tunnels, rain walls, mud kitchens, sprinklers and more!

*White Mountain Ice Cream Cafe is the best place ever! Campers will get to make a variety of ice cream flavors in our awesome, old-timey (but happily electric) White Mountain Ice Cream Maker! Six quarts of delicious chilliness comes out of the Maker in no time at all!

These activities are just a few of the choice time PlayShops campers will get to experience throughout their day. 

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