Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp 2021

Join us this summer for a one-of-a-kind camp experience! Belle Vie Farm is located just 5 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and just 10 minutes from Briar Chapel! With over 100 PlayShops for campers to explore, there is always time for "one more activity!"


Our Facility

This fall saw the completion of our 1800 square foot shipping container facility, complete with a full kitchen, Light Studio, community space (the Piazza!) and separate workshop spaces. Our farm also houses an Art Studio and MakerSpace, 10 acres of forest to explore, a half-acre pond filled with frogs, turtles and dragonfly nymphs, multiple micro-streams for romping through, an outdoor water play area complete with ramps and waterfalls, a greenhouse for growing microgreens, multiple garden areas, a developing sensory garden, vermicomposting bins and more! We have 2 climate controlled buildings and one 500 square foot space under shade cloth. Coming Summer 2021, Belle Vie Summer Campers will get to explore our exciting new property right next door to our farm at 3000 Damascus Church Road! 18 new acres (34 total acres!!) to explore. We will add new animals and crops at our new farm along with a 2000 square foot barn!

Our Animals

Our animals include donkeys, pygora and fainting goats, rabbits, laying hens and playing Silkie chickens!

Our Staff

During Summer Camp 2021, our staff will partly be teachers from our year-long school program and partly summer counselors. 

Our Creator Spaces

Campers are invited to explore our Art Studio and MakerSpace barn, a magical space filled with every artistic medium one could imagine: acrylics, watercolors, encaustic wax, pastels, Sharpie markers, colored crayons, a huge variety of papers, canvases and wood. Click here for a full list of available supplies. Also available are maker supplies for the engineer-minded creative! Think Scrap Exchange on a farm! From bottle caps to fabric and scrap wood to recycled plastics, the MakerSpace has something for everyone. The space also provides supervised use of child-sized drills, hammers and screwdrivers.

Weekly Camp Activities

Campers will enjoy a variety of activities during each camp week: cooking, gardening, caring for our animals, spending time holding and grooming animals, shearing the goats and bunnies, building forest forts, hiking in the forest & following the StoryWalk path, playing in the outdoor waterplay station, digging in our 200 square foot sand box, exploring the indoor Light Studio, creating art and 3-D structures, tie-dying, making earth art, lazing in the sunshine, studying dragonflies and frogs, learning how to grow (and eat!) microgreens and more!

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