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  • What should my child bring to camp?
    Each day, your child should bring a water bottle, snack and lunch. You child should wear closed-toe shoes (PLEASE, no flip-flops or crocs except crocs boots) with socks and whatever he or she feels most comfortable in (shorts & t-shirt are typical). Your child should bring on the first day of camp a pair of boots to be worn in the forest, a change of clothes packed in a ziploc bag labeled clearly with your child's first and last name, a bathing suit & towel labeled clearly with your child's name, sunscreen and bug spray. We replenish sunscreen and bug spray at 10:30am each day. Please be sure to label your child's bottles clearly.
  • What ages do you accept in your summer camp program?
    Ages 3-11
  • What is your sibling discount?
    We do not offer sibling discounts.
  • Do you offer a discount for registration in multiple weeks?
    We do not offer a multiple week discount.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Our deadline for refunding summer camp fees is April 1. We do not provide refunds after April 1, but will allow you to switch your camp week if there is availability. Please review our policy below for full details.
  • What about poison ivy?
    Poison ivy can also be a problem at the farm, but we constantly work to eradicate it. We learned from a scientist that the best rememdy for poison ivy is Dawn Dish Detergent. If your child or a counselor thinks there has been poison ivy contact, staff are instructed to wash the affected area with Dawn within two hours of contact. We have been amazed at how effective this is. If your child does get poison ivy, a light scrubbing 2-3 times per day with Dawn usually takes care of things without much ado.
  • My child is really shy/introverted. How do you handle this?
    This is actually pretty common in summer camps. Our counselors are trained to notice quickly when a child may not be enjoying the camp day. If the cause of his unhappiness is a lack of connection with others, counselors will subtly support that child in initiating a connection and building a friendship. Most of the time, children simply need the presence of an adult as added support or they need to know what words to use to make a connection. Counselors are trained to help with this. A note about introverts: Introversion is not a liability. It is a wonderful way of being in the world that can be celebrated. We are very cautious about making "helpful" suggestions to children that they should get involved in an activity. Not every child's involvement looks the same. For some children, observing others' activity is the involvement. Children can experience a tremendous amount of joy and connection simply by being near other children engaged in action.
  • My child has lots and lots of energy. How does this fit in with your camps?
    Nearly every child will find a place for herself at Belle Vie Farm. Shelley has often described herself as "screaming ADHD" and was the typical child who hated school (really, really hated it!). She daydreamed, yearned to be outdoors and paid very little attention to others' ideas about what she should find interesting. She totally "gets" children who feel similarly! Belle Vie Farm, just like Wildflower School, is child-directed environment. Children are the pilots of their own summer camp aircraft! Staff at Belle Vie view our job as one of providing materials and support. Children inquire, and we help them explore and play by giving them the time, space and stuff necessary!
  • How much does Belle Vie Farm camp cost? What are camp hours?
    Please see the registration form for more details. Morning camp hours are from 8:30-12:30. The cost for each week is $250. Afternoon Care is 12:30-3:30 and the cost is $150 per week.
  • What about Early and After Care?
    We offer after care from 12:30-4:30 for older campers. The fee for After Care is $150 per week. We do not offer early care.
  • Should I send my child to your camps if he/she doesn't like the outdoors?
    No! Please, no! Sometimes parents wish their children were more outdoorsy and less video-gamey. I feel you. However, your child will not become more outdoorsy by being forced into nature. Your child may NEVER become outdoorsy at all - and that's okay. It takes all kinds of people to make a wonderful world! Celebrate all that your child is and let go of what you think (or other people think) your child should be:)
  • I don't like my child's clothes to get paint or mud on them. Is your camp still a good fit for our family?
    The short answer - nope! We play in mud kitchens, acrylic painting stations and hay pretty much all day long! Dirt (and paint, clay, hay, water) happens - a lot - at Belle Vie!
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