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Community Gardening at Belle Vie Farm

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Belle Vie Farm leases ten 4 x 8 organic garden beds each season. Our soil is purchased from Southern States Garden Center in Carrboro (bulk) and spread in wooden (not treated wood) or galvanized aluminum beds. 4x8 beds are $150/season). All plots must be used for growing produce and edible plants, as well as flowering plants. Our gardens are organic, so please remember that no pesticide, fungicides, herbicides or non-organic fertilizers may be used in the garden. 


The summer planting season begins April 1 and ends approximately November. If you are interested in an extended gardening season, that is an option as well.

 What we provide: the garden bed with excellent soil, hoses for watering, plant starts (extra cost) if desired.


We grow veggie starts for tomatoes (slicing and cherry), lettuces (including the coveted sorrel!), cucumbers (slicing and pickling), herbs, squash and more. If you are interested in a particular veggie start and would like Belle Vie to grow from seed for you, just let us know! We can do it!

Each gardener must sign a BVF Gardening Agreement and pay the full lease fee prior to beginning gardening. 

In addition to our current garden beds, we will be constructing more beds on our new 18-acre property right next door!

If you would like to lease, please email to reserve your plot!

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