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Reserve your Birthday Party!

Choose your party theme (optional)

Make Your Selection(s). See descriptions below. You are not required to choose an add-on activity. A $200 deposit is due today. Choose a date and time for your party next (scroll to the bottom of the form).

Whacky Inventions!

Starting with a sturdy piece of silky sanded pine wood, children use wire, nuts, bolts, metal washers, fabric, rubber bands, ribbon, paint, markers, glitter, sequins and more to invent a one-of-a-kind contraption! Additional $10 per child.

Super Heroes!

Who doesn't want to wear a super hero costume of their own making?! During this party, children will be given super hero masks, 100% cotton capes, fabric paint and markers, bling of all kinds (sequins, sparkling gems, glitter), felt cut-outs (lightning bolts, hearts and stars) and more! Spray bottles, glue and glue dots help even little fingers create what they can imagine. Additional $10 per child.


Who ever thought of a plate (or bowl) as a blank slate for art? We did! Party-goers are given a ceramic plate (or bowl), ceramic paint and paint pens (dishwasher safe once oven-heated), paint brushes, dot painting sticks and other painting tools. Kids create a one-of-a-kind dish just for themselves that will last a lifetime and be a fabulous memory of their party. Additional $15 per child.

Magical Unicorns

At our Magical Unicorns party, children are guided by an art teacher to create a one-of-a-kind glitter explosion of a wearable unicorn horn. And...because magic always happens when unicorns are out and about, the children will be led on a fantastical journey through part of the Belle Vie forest, where they just may come upon some magical gifts left by the Belle Vie Unicorn. Additional fee of $15 per child.

Thanks for reserving your party at Belle Vie Farm! You will receive an email shortly with additional details to help you prepare for your child's special day!

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