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Gem Mining at Belle Vie


Belle Vie Farm offers gem mining for children and families either as a stand-alone activity or as part of a birthday celebration. Our forest gem mining area is located between Swingtopia and Rock Village on our farm. We have three sluices at various heights to accommodate ages 2 and older! Coming April 1, 2024, our gem mining area has expanded. We will offer more sluices, lots of places to sit and view your treasures, and a glimpse at the Gnome Village. Gnome Village is home to the magical gnomes who work tirelessly to provide Belle Vie with our beautiful gemstones! Updates photos coming in April!


With a gem bucket purchase ($10), you will receive a bucket with mining sand, rough and polished gemstones, a stainless steel shovel, a wooden sifter, a keeper bag for your stones after mining and a small booklet to help identify your stones. Once your mining experience is completed, you will take with you your keeper bag, gemstones and booklet. You will leave at the sluices your bucket, shovel and sifter.

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