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Festival of Flowers

Our Second Annual Festival of Flowers will take place in May 2020. Check back here for more details then!

Our Festival of Flowers is a celebration of all things blossoming. Learn about flower species native to the Piedmont and taste some edible flowers (maybe even have a flower & microgreen salad). Sprinkled throughout the farm will be various art activities. Our MakerSpace is always open for those who want a little more hammering action in your creations. As always, enjoy our nest swing, hammocks, giant games (did someone say Farkle with HUGE dice?!), animal love and dragonfly dances.


During your visit, taste some of our fresh microgreens (and take some home!), watch our bees busy at making honey, hike through our forest teaming with new, green growth and steal a taste of Belle Vie's delectable Wildflower Tea! 

Our donkeys, goats, chickens and rabbits will be thrilled to see you (especially if you share some sunflower seeds with them)! Take some time to linger near the Love Shack, home to our baby chicks (and some of their mamas). 

This event is free and parking is available on site. 

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