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Ages 3-5
Who does not love a wizarding adventure? Magical creatures (but not scary), sparkling wands, jeweled crowns, potion-making, and gem stone mining help set the scene for a camp week of fantasy and adventure. Campers will hear stories about gentle and caring mythical creatures (no battles for the little ones), fairies who secretly bring joy and wonder to the world, and woodland animals who help each other thrive in the forest. Of course, the Belle Vie Farm Unicorn will likely make an appearance, leaving behind his delicious berry sun tea with a container full of sparkling sweetener.

Campers will hike to Rock Village and the Fairy Circle seeking forest botanicals and other natural treasures. They will leave magical miniature paintings for the forest creaure - painted with glittery Unicorn Spit (actually a paint one can buy!), construct tiny homes from found objects for fairies to live in and decorate trees with edible ornaments for the birds and squirrels who call Belle Vie home.

Ages 6-11
The wizarding world is more than chocolate frogs and butterbeer! During this magical week, campers will design their own wizarding character for whom they will create capes, wands, crowns, magical amulets and more. The campers will be divided into groups who will create adventure challenges for each other to solve. Along the way, campers will need to learn how to sustain themselves in the forest – they will bake bread over a fire to carry with them on their adventures, learn to use a compass to understand where they are and where they are going, seek and find hidden clues on their way to the ultimate treasure. Camp leaders support all groups to develop a fabulous challenge for other groups.

Campers will discover Rock Village, the Fairy Circle, Hammock Village, and more as they hike through the forest. Along the way, there will be secret codes to decipher, challenges to overcome, potions to create and discoveries to make!

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