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Belle Vie's Infiorata Festival

The word "infiorata" literally means "decorated with flowers" and this is exactly how the paintings created for the occasion are made, using flower petals, earth, and sometimes even beans or wood cuttings. 


As always, this is a free event for all! You are welcome to bring a blanket and picnic. Belle Vie Farm provides ice cold water, a washing station and a fully-stocked diapering area for all visitors. We also have indoor restroom facilities.

The Belle Vie farmers will create 3' x 3' canvases for your art de fleur and place them around the farm. When you arrive, gather materials you would like to use for your creation, pick a canvas that hasn't been designed yet and start "painting" with nature. You can have a specific design in mind or create an abstract color explosion. Feel free to bring your own flowers, petals, leaves and such. When you are satisfied, make sure to tag your art work with your family's or group's name! Then, meander about the farm to see what others have designed.

We will have our flower preserving station set up, so if you have beautiful flowers that you can't bear to see fade away, bring them with you and stop by the preserving station. As always, art stations will be set up throughout the farm, Wishes for the World will be available for your family to make a wish and read other wishes, the MakerSpace will be open (children must be accompanied by an adult) and the animals will be wondering what took you so long to come visit them! Be sure to visit our forest playground, shipping container preschool and our StoryWalk adventure!

Indoor bathrooms are available, as is a nursing lounge for moms.

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