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Belle Vie Farm, located 2 miles from Carrboro's Weaver Street Market is a magical place where your family can...

swing, climb and make potions in Swingtopia, bring some treats for the bunnies, chickens, goats and donkeys at Village of the Wild Things, walk the StoryWalk and relax by the SoloStove fire pit with some hot cocoa and s'mores! We offer summer camp, teacher workday camps, Afternoon Adventures camps, and more. The animals are waiting for you! The joy is waiting for you!

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     Belle Vie Farm raises pygmy angora goats (pygoras) for their fiber. We also raise chickens, hatching many of the girls' own eggs either in our incubator or under a mama hen's warm feathers. We have bunnies, goats, donkeys, chickens and two Russian tortoises!


StoryWalk® is the dynamic merging of nature and storytelling! Children's books are disassembled and placed one or two pages at a time along a hiking path in our forest. The pages are set at just the right height for children (and there just might be a few hidden poems for grown-ups along the way!) 

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(Coming in Spring 2025) From children's fairy garden parties to catered dinner parties for adults (and most everything in between!), Belle Vie Farm offers the beauty and magic of an evening under the stars.


Enchanting dragonflies bless Belle Vie each summer by eliminating at least some of the mosquito population, allowing for more relaxed and delightful outdoor experiences day or night.

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