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The Myrtle Bus
Mobile Art Studio and Makerspace

Few things are more thrilling to children than art and making: messy, creative, inspiring, free and fun! Few things are more stressful to parents than a house filled with wild artists creating in spaces that aren't quite meant for paint, glue and the dreaded but much-loved by kids glitter!

Solution? The Myrtle Bus!

Belle Vie Farm's Myrtle Bus is a traveling art studio and makerspace. Myrtle is the first of her kind in central North Carolina, and she is excited to inspire artists and makers alike! Below are a few details and sneak peeks at her creative space. The Myrtle Bus can be rented for any type of children's party, corporate events for families, block parties, festivals, street fairs and more! The Myrtle Bus travels up to 15 miles. Longer distance will require an additional fee.

Reserve your party date!

Shelley Welch is the Myrtle Bus art and maker teacher. Shelley has taught children (and adults) of all ages for over 30 years. She is a self-taught artist (acrylic painting and mixed media) and a firm believer that everyone is an artist.

Each Myrtle Bus rental comes with Shelley for the duration of your rental. All materials needed are supplied, including a portable handwashing sink and smocks to cover any special clothing.

The Myrtle Bus is also available for school rentals, festivals, farmers' markets, celebrations, block parties and more! If you would like Myrtle to visit your event, please email Shelley directly at with a few details.

Each party includes the following:

  • Up to 8 artists total

  • Add up to 2 additional artists for $15/each

  • One art activity

  • All materials, including smocks and washing station

  • The Myrtle Bus at your location for 1-1.5 hours (depending on age; we also like to arrive about 20 minutes early to get set up)


Party Themes:

Whacky Inventions!

Starting with a sturdy piece of silky sanded pine wood, children use wire, nuts, bolts, metal washers, fabric, rubber bands, ribbon, paint, markers, glitter, sequins and more to invent a one-of-a-kind contraption! $250

Super Heroes!

Who doesn't want to wear a super hero costume of their own making?! During this party, children will be given super hero masks, 100% cotton capes, fabric paint and markers, bling of all kinds (sequins, sparkling gems, glitter), felt cut-outs (lightning bolts, hearts and stars) and more! Spray bottles, glue and glue dots help even little fingers create what they can imagine. $250



Who ever thought of a plate (or bowl) as a blank slate for art? We did! Party-goers are given a ceramic plate (or bowl), ceramic paint and paint pens (dishwasher safe once oven-heated), paint brushes, dot painting sticks and other painting tools. Kids create a one-of-a-kind dish just for themselves that will last a lifetime and be a fabulous memory of their party. $300

Reserve your party date!

Want to know why she is called the Myrtle Bus?! Read here!

Myrtle's stainless steel table tops make for a bright and clean space to create!


Myrtle has lots of space for creators and plenty of bright, natural light!

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