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Lagom is the new hygge! Lagom is a Swedish word meaning not too much, not too little, the right amount. It is an approach to life that can bring contentment, joy and calmness. Belle Vie Farm offers four different lagom experiences: The Art Lagom, The Tea & Fika Lagom, The Reading Lagom and The Meditation Lagom. Each lagom experience includes a wooden basket with a few items you'll need as you embark on your hike into the forest of Belle Vie (20 acres!) and find your particular lagom space, complete with cozy seating and a few delightful suprises. Each lagom experience lasts as long as you choose, up to three hours.

Belle Vie's Lagom

  • Pricing for each lagom varies depending on the experience you choose. More details will be available in early Spring 2022.

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