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January 26 Teacher Workday Camp Schedule

Learn more about the adventures planned for our Teacher Workday Campers!

7:30am      Drop Off at Belle Vie Farm Barn

Fire Pit Popcorn popping and feasting

8:15am      Animal Time – Hang out with the donkeys, goats, chickens and bunnies; feed bunnies and chickens; treats for donkeys and goats (goats and chickens love popcorn!)

8:45am      Bunny Box construction

9:45am      Bathroom break; water refill

10:00am    Snack break

10:30am    Forest hike (dirt hill visit, trip to the Fairy Circle, gemstone scavenger hunt in Rock Village)

11:30am    Cooking: Apple Pie Bites


12:30pm    Lunch (Listen to Five Children and It Abridged Audio version)

1:00pm      Art Studio Time: Bowl or Water Bottle Painting; Campers are also free to choose a different art project should they so desire

2:00pm      Plant veggie seeds in Seedling Barn

2:30pm      Cardboard Maker Space Construction at Belle Vie Barn

2:45pm      Last dirt slide visit before going home!

3:30pm      Pick up at Belle Vie Farm barn

Extended Day available until 5:30pm. Minimum enrollment for extended day is 5 campers. Fee is $20.

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